The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World

by Head North

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released June 2, 2017

Recorded at Barber Shop Studios in Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Engineered by Kevin Kumetz and Gary Cioni
Produced and Mixed by Brett Romnes
Mastered by Jesse Cannon

Copyright Head North 2017


all rights reserved



Head North Buffalo, New York

Cosmic Rock from Buffalo, NY.


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Track Name: Sort Of Medicine
I drew a figure
With my finger
In the window fog,
Fell asleep
And wiped it out
with the sleeve that I leaned on.
It’s been a long way home,
With winter coats,
Those school bus days.
Father smokes his cigarettes
Mother cooks our meals
I’m mumbling
All rosey cheeked
Hoping someone hears.
It’s a silly sort of medicine.
Something lingers after dinner,
I wait to see you smile
I put one up to my chest and feel my mother’s hand on my hide. She’s screaming
“Those things are no good
They'll fill your lungs with soot.
They’ll put your mind at ease
When they put you all to sleep
And i just couldn’t bear to see you die.”
It’s a silly, sort-of-medicine.
Track Name: By Presidential Decree
Engine coughs on the I-190
Like your last leg chevy saying “It’s time to go home,
Time to leave me alone.”
Pull off quick in the rising light ‘Cause you’ve got work
And im too tired
Or too stoned
We smoked a bag to the bone. “Where’ve you been, son? Your mother’s sick.”
Through my cell phone
I can hear my father spit.
Two hundred miles
And they can’t take a hint.
Useless morning
Useless life
The neighbor’s drunk
He slept outside
On my porch
Wish I cared anymore.
Now she’s my temporary,
That one bedroom apartment,
There was no room for me.
That’s okay,
I prefer it that way.
Softly through the veil,
the first finger tips of morning light
Are carving through the snow, December 1st
On my first drive home.
Made me a sanctuary in grey sky town, There was no hope for me.
No god’s left here
By presidential decree.
Track Name: Don't Lose All Your Friends (If You Hate Being Lonely)
Don’t lose all your friends
If you hate being lonely.
It’s simple advice but you’ve got to think twice.
Track Name: Head North is a Business
Another drive, the whip to Pasadena. Paradise that we’ll be passing over, But I told you I won’t let you down, Keep at it til the break of dawn.
A million lies heavy on the shoulders
We’re piss drunk now and only getting older, But music shouldn’t let you down,
The music shouldn’t let you down.
Took a curve at 60 miles an hour,
Flipped once, fell 1,300 feet down,
Ended in a Cali ditch.
You couldn’t make up this shit.
Popped the door with my broken right arm. Days passed and the sun was going all down Til I woke up in a stranger’s bed,
Picture frames with my face in them.
With no name except the one that They gave me, Years passed and those memories are fading.
My momma said I would grow up to be a risk taker, But I fucked around and got addicted to a drug maker. Exit light, enter night
Take my hand.
We’re off to never never land.
You can kill me but you can’t take my mojo
I’m fucking punk rock
Are you still pushing emo?
I know you think it's all been done before.
You can sue me if your name’s Lars Ulrich.
We’re all dead now
This is radio static.
I know you think it’s all been done before.
Crumpled up a paper leaf,
Let’s skip town.
I built a copier machine to burn it all down.
Many lessons to ignore before I dip out.
There’s a god inside of all of us,
But mine is loud.
Plaga-wrote the lottery
And let the man down.
Shot to shit but finally free to let it all out
And there is nothing in the world I’d rather sing about Than dying silent on a highway in a devil town.
Track Name: The First One
One more,
One more year down.
You cried the whole way somehow it still counts. Brothers,
In inches and pounds,
You fought the whole way.
Somehow it still counts.
Do you think you’re the first one to never wanna die? You drank a couple drugs and you figured out your life. Do you think you’re the first one?
Oh, you think you’re the first one. Give up,
Tomorrow won’t last
It’s as far as forever
And it’s fading fast.
Like water into the sand
it’s frozen and folding
That popsicle stand.
Now our hero’s brains are wearing out
From watching their TV
And stretching at their skin in front of me.
Dying flesh and cigarettes
The pungent smell of past.
Is this all you could build?
Or all you could stand?
If you keep me company, I’ll never ask for anything more. Help me please, you’re all I need.
I’ll never ask for anything more.
Do you think you’re the first ones to never wanna die? You jumped each other’s bones
And bled each other dry.
Do you think you’re the first ones?
Track Name: Pulse
Pulsing veins like a teenage drum And you hold me down
With that salt skin tongue. Folding frame under setting sun
I can taste those words
I can hear her come.
Call my name like i knew you would And i come back down
Like a good boy should.
No more passion,
Silent fashion.
Running low on love to ration.
“Why’s nothing feel the same?”
I hear you.
You keep saying shit like I don’t know. “My Heaven was a day.”
I feel you.
You keep saying shit like I don’t know.
Haunt my dreams from a flash of life That day long waiting til abandoned light. Crying to a satellite,
Peeling back my skin
Found your fingers underneath it Shaping what's within.
Pulsing veins like a teenage drum
And you hold me down
With that salt skin tongue.
Found heaven’s name
In a carnal plunge,
Now i hold you up
Like some banner crutch.
I don’t need to sell my soul.
She’s already in me.
Track Name: Hibernation Hymn
The rain came and fell
Heavy on my roof
That hibernation homeward hymn
From silent neighborhood.
A spell from worlds away
A song of changing skies
Came down on a perfect day
A used-to-perfect life.
Swing low sweet down
And bring me around
To the calm that abounds
Wait on that sound,
A face in the clouds
Or a hand reached out.
What a perfect life to waste,
When tomorrow's lives away
Just another day
A fraction full of life.
Pastel in a muted frame
A border black and white.
When nothing more can mend
Keep nothing on my mind
The bottle is broken the potion is flowing And I don’t want to feel a thing.
What a perfect life to waste
When tomorrow’s lives away.
I am just bones under the snow What’s there to know?
Track Name: White Light
You bought a coonskin cap And a ball point pen. You’re never back together Then you’re married again And you sit
On the shelf.
Just like that coonskin cap
and your ballpoint pen
Can’t fix that old kentucky overbite
If you’re still building bridges with him.
Look around.
I am the ocean and you are the tide
I am a fertile tree and you are beyond and on.
Picked your route to fast now it’s caving in.
Your mind can’t pass on what this old voice said.
Built your roof too fast now its caving in,
Your roof too fast.
I am the ocean and you are the tide
I am a wilting tree and you are beyond.
That flash
The sky cracked open
Sun drenched as you were poured in
With white light that heat my skin with life I’ve longed for. No blood when I was cut open
Took back my fear and held it
My heart, my hands
My everything has always been
All yours.
You gave me a playful excuse
Some sort of family dispute.
Your dad told me not to look at you,
I’d never be him.
Just some playful abuse when he said,
Its just some old family dispute.
Your dad told me not to look at you,
I swear I’ll kill him.
Give me a reason and I will stay here.
She is a fountain and I’ve fallen for the taste of it. Now, she speaks to me in ribbons
And I’m drinking them down.
Track Name: Stranger Sounds
Close your eyes,
Have no fear.
The night is wide
But she’ll find you here.
It curls like coffee cup smoke
On that off-white dress you used to know So well.
That dizzy smile
In clouded swirl
That soft skinned while
When I was hers.
Those lips that finally formed
In the haze of light from your bedroom door Once more said,
“Don’t fear the coming wave,
Nothing breaks with it.
I am in the rain.
I am the Empire State,
And I won’t change a bit.”
I miss all of you now,
My home,
as much as stranger sounds whispered.
It pulls like nothing I’ve known
Between a place to live
And space to grow
It’s my home
All alone.
I’m gonna be the one who sees you
I’m gonna be the one who knows
I’m gonna be the one who fears you
I’m gonna be the one you chose.
Track Name: Somewhere, ND
We met in someone’s wake.
Who’s, I don’t remember.
But there were widows and whitecaps
All around
As we sat silent
And kept pretending.
That either of us knew the reason we had come Or why the other had come
And she never got to know me
And I never got to know her
That’s the way it goes.
So it goes,
In love
And onward.
But i felt the light
From that infinite sky
And the voice of the blessed center said “Rekindle. Arrive.”
I never believed in one breath after that.
I never believed it was the same sun, rose
That set
And every night when the dark would come on I’d believe there was no absence strong enough To keep the day within or without.
So it goes,
In love
And onward.
We hit the earth
And there was a wonderful crash.
Everything caught fire
Everything took ash.
It was over
As simple as we were put here we were gone. The crew compartment’s breaking up
And the passenger’s are strewn
All across the fields of North Dakota.
So it goes,
In love
And onward.
But i felt the light
From that infinite sky
And the voice of the blessed center said “Rekindle. Arrive.”
Track Name: Fallow
There is a playful dog by the train today
And he begs attention from the patterned man Greying at his face.
Unordinary days
The features barely change,
But bigger than you know,
Headlights come,
Canary cave,
You burrow on.
There is a playful dog by the train today
And I’ve been waiting for a long, long year. There is no changing time
They let the bombs decide,
Now we’re all alone.
Headlights come,
To take me back,
Or take me home.
That city shadow,
Those fields of fallow, dizzy, spinning earth. When you come to,
I’ll be here.
Won’t you come too?
I’ll be here.
It’s all one second of life now,
Like a flash that’s falling all down.
In that city shadow.
In those fields of fallow, spinning earth.
My god’s hand is a rolling boulder.
I built a cabin at the bottom of the hill.
My god’s tongue is a silver soldier
And I am the trigger on his rifle.
I am safe in the sound.
I could try to pick it out,
But love is all around.
If you’re still listening,
Let me out.
Track Name: God (Bring It Back)
I am gonna be the man who brings back God Like a wristwatch,
Slowly, slowly.
I am gonna be the man who saves us all
From ourselves
Rolling holy.
Took the plane home
Fresh from my desicion.
Took the plane home,
It went down.
I am gonna be the man who brings back God To a grey world.
Slowly, slowly.
I am gonna be the man who saves us all From ourselves.
Rolling holy.
Took the plane home,
Fresh from my desicion.
Took the plane home,
It went down.

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